Zavi and the Terrible Twos: Is This It or Nah?

The terrible twos are here. It feels like a ton of bricks hit our home. It’s not a myth. I was one of those people. I thought things like the “middle child syndrome” and the “terrible twos” were myths. It’s no myth. It’s real.

Zavier turns 3 in August. That’s roughly just three months away. We thought we were in the clear! He’s been cool up until this point. Then all of a sudden, it’s almost like he woke up on a random Sunday and decided to torment everyone…especially mommy.

It started with a banana. He asked for a banana for breakfast and I grabbed one. I thought I was doing the right thing by splitting it in half because he never eats a whole banana. He never does. So, I split it in half and all hell broke loose. I apparently ruined his entire life.

More recently and the worst case yet, the dude put a Skittle in his nose…like UP his nose. It was the moment when I realized that my life as I knew it had changed.

He thought it was funny until I started panicking. I was literally running around the house trying to throw some clothes on so I can run him to emergency room until I realized that he wasn’t in pain.

Yes, his nose was running and it was blue…dark blue…the color of the skittle but other than that he was not having any trouble breathing.

After I calmed down, he began coughing and half of a Skittle flew out of his nose.

Why was it just half a Skittle? I really do not know.

My assumption is that he ate half the Skittle and decided at that moment that the other half needed to be inhaled through his nostril.

Once I realized he wasn’t going to die. I just sat on the bottom of the stairs and had a moment.

I never went through anything like this with Zara. Then it hit me.

I’m a #boymom.

This is only the beginning.

I don’t know why this decided to happen on the tail end of his second year of life but it has been quite the adjustment. Now I am prepared for anything. A tantrum over bananas, refusal to get in his car seat, or a complete meltdown because he doesn’t want to drink out of a blue cup or use a blue spoon. I’m prepared for it all.

I’m ready now. I wasn’t before but I am now.


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