Your Man’s Foolproof Guide To Mother’s Day 2018

Mother’s Day is coming up and every single year, men try to find the best way to celebrate the occasion. You see dads, brothers, uncles and grandfathers scrambling to find something for Mother’s Day that is quick and easy meaningful to the mothers in their lives.

Us moms usually smile THAT smile then proceed to do the laundry, washing the dishes, shampooing and braiding the kids’ hair…you know…preparing for the next workday.

I thought I would help the dads out ahead of time so that they’re not scrambling at the last minute. Ladies, feel free to sneak this list into your fella’s possession so that you’ll ACTUALLY enjoy Mother’s Day this year!

Foolproof Guide To Mother’s Day

    1. Gift the mom in your life a morning to sleep in. Like the real sleep in. The kind where the second you hear the babies knocking on the door,  you run and whisk them away because mommy is in there sleeping. (Not the kind of sleep in where the kids are still climbing all over mommy until she finally gives in and just gets up.) There’s a difference. (Said with love)
    2. Choose the meal/restaurant that you would like to treat that special mom in your life. AHEAD OF TIME. Choose wisely though. Choose HER favorite, not yours. Here’s the catch,  don’t do the whole “So, what do you want to eat? It’s whatever you want? ” We hate that. Just make the decision for her this time.
    3. Offer to sit and watch her favorite shows or movie with her. Offer to watch the Girls Trip movie or some Netflix favorites like The Crown or Roxanne Roxanne. The key is you have to OFFER before she asks.
    4. Allow her to listen to her playlist ONLY while in the car at any point of the day. No Disney soundtracks. Not YOUR top 100 favorite rap songs playlist that you have playing in ranking order that will undoubtedly NOT include JJ Fadd’s Supersonic anywhere on the list.


5. Check her Pinterest board and buy something from it, ahead of time so you’re not scrambling and making her wait until after Mother’s Day to get it. (Although she will be just as grateful if that indeed is the case.)

That’s what the Pinterest board is for anyway. For you to act like you listen to her and surprise her with things she actually wants.

Now if you’re a real G, you’ll do all of the kind gestures above AND maybe buy a goody or two from the list below.

  1. This bracelet from Bougie Boheme. I already have one and I LOVE it. You won’t be disappointed.
  2. These earrings from Boho Gal. Or these. 
  3. Canvas artwork by Pardon My Fro.
  4. This adult coloring book would be super dope!
  5.  Bawse Lady by The Lip Bar (Because you ran out and need a replacement stat! )

A card from the kids is always a nice touch. Then tell her how much you love the Drake video because it was all about female empowerment and it highlights how dope women are in general. See what happens after that.


Ladies, you’re welcome! Just between the two of us, how do you feel about Mother’s Day? Is it something you enjoy? Or how would you prefer to spend Mother’s Day in your home doing absolutely nothing?

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