Side Effects of Living with A Threenager


We’ve all heard of the terrible twos. It’s common parenting terminology but no one ever talks about the year that follows. In honor of our sweet Zavier’s third birthday today, I thought I would share what life is like with a Threenager!

Here are 3 Side Effects of living with a Threenager!  

  1.  Expect your Threenager to find it hilarious to run around the house completely naked screaming to the top of his lungs, “I’m the Naked Monster! I’m the Naked Monster!”
  2. Expect way more hugs and “You’re my best friend mommy!” at the exact moments you need them.
  3. Expect monumental meltdowns for things such as “You didn’t let him close the door first or he wanted to find daddy’s wallet first.”

Zavier is truly one of the coolest dudes on the block. Although he is starting to figure out how to handle himself emotionally he still prefers being in chill mode on most days.

He certainly has his quirks. He despises dirty hands, refuses to go to “children’s church” and can survive solely on juice boxes and Teddy Grahams. Even though he doesn’t even bother attending church for kids, we can always count on a poorly timed “Our we done yet?” during altar call during church service.

While he is figuring out life as a 3 year  old, our only job is to soak up as many hugs and kisses as possible because we already know that phase will end and we’ll never get it back!

Happy Birthday Sweet Zavi! The coolest Grandpa Toddler on the playground!

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