Reiko Foster : We’re Moving!


“Change is inevitable. Growth is a choice.”

This is a quote I penned myself! I was driving home last week, alone. No music playing. No podcasts playing. No kids in the back… and the words came to me.

And it absolutely reflects the transition I have been experiencing lately. Remember that post I wrote about the dragonfly? It’s still happening. I’ve had some really bizarre, random, not so random, intentional and non-intentional things happen to me that have really been pushing me to do better, be better and go harder!

The result of one of those things is a desire to serve you all things Reiko Foster! The Reiko Foster that is talented in unconventional ways. The Reiko Foster that has been spreading herself thin trying to be “the creative” and live a whole, full and happy life.

The same Reiko Foster that is a beast at “being a mom” – this isn’t really true but go with it…The Reiko Foster who is an educator by trade and wants to educate other professionals while she’s at it.  The Reiko Foster that has products and service worth sharing with the world. The Reiko who is no longer afraid of doing so.

There are a lot of gurus on the internet. But I am the expert on being Reiko Foster.


So with that said, I have created a new website to share all the things.  is a hub that will showcase Reiko in all her glory. The blogger. The writer. The mom. The wife. The style strategist. The pattern mixing enthusiast. The ultimate Zara and Zavi advocate. The new Kindergarten mom. It’s all of me, wrapped and topped with a big, pretty bow.

And don’t worry,  God’s Favorite Shoes is staying right here. This is home forever. Blog posts will be published regularly, and you can keep up with the Fosters here or by visiting the God’s Favorite Shoes tab on the new website -which in truth, will only link back right here! Lol.

I’m currently getting all my content situated on the new site, so you don’t have to do or visit anything right now, but I did want to explain in the event that you see my Instagram handle change – which will be happening soon or as we speak!

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