Pregnancy After 35: Tips for Conceiving

Two beautiful, smart children later, l realized that l’ve never documented my fertility journey on this blog. Since l conceived and birthed Zavier & Zara after age 35, l know that my experience might help someone! So here goes…

Long story short, when l was ready to get pregnant (both times) – it didn’t happen immediately. After trying for one year,  I was referred to a fertility specialist. One of the first things he discovered were  fibroids the size of a golf ball. After removing the larger fibroids, I thought it would be easier to get pregnant. It wasn’t.

Here are a few things to consider if you’re trying to get pregnant after the age of 35.

  1. Don’t panic if you’re trying to conceive and it hasn’t happened yet. I know it’s easier said than done!
  2. Visit your physician and get a full check up. In my case, I had no idea that I had fibroids. I was never in any pain. I ended up having day surgery to have the larger fibroids removed and gave birth to both of my children with some remaining fibroids.
  3. Keep track of the foods you eat, as well as your daily movement and menstrual cycles. I am THE LAST person to tell someone to lose weight or assume that you’re not healthy if you are a certain weight but I will testify that BOTH times that I conceived, it was right after I dropped some weight. There could be other underlying issues but being healthy puts you ahead of the game. If you get into the habit of regularly tracking your cycles, it allows your physician to pinpoint patterns sooner than later. In my case, I discovered that I didn’t ovulate “regularly.” While the typical woman ovulates about 28-30 days, I discovered that my body actually ovulated every 39-40 days. It made a world of difference to know this.
  4. LIMIT your stress. I’m going to say it in print. I wholeheartedly believe that  I did not get pregnant because I was under severe stress at the time. I legit didn’t even realize that I was in a stressful situation until God removed the stressful factors from my life. Almost immediately, I was pregnant. Nobody can tell me any different.
  5. This one isn’t really advice per say but this was my personal experience. With both of my children, I got so focused on “trying to get” pregnant that it completely overwhelmed me. Trying to conceive can become the only thing you focus on which ultimately leads to stress. Both pregnancies happened when I consciously decided to just live my life.

With both children, I conceived “naturally” but I did begin both times with check ups with my fertility doctor.

I did all of the preliminary tests and blood work. I remember being right on the cusp of starting the process of taking some shots (I think they may have been progesterone shots?) but literally the week before I was scheduled to take them, I found out I was pregnant.

If there is anything I want you to get out of this post, it is that you shouldn’t put pressure on yourself and certainly don’t allow someone else to pressure you. Do what’s best for you. Take care of your body. See a doctor. Eliminate unnecessary stresses and go from there.

I consider myself to be blessed with both of my kids. Now if you want to talk about your body post-delivery, that’s a whole different ballgame! Haha.


As always, all opinions are my own and I am only sharing MY truth. See YOUR doctor. Consult with YOUR doctor. Do what’s best for you. I am not a physician nor do I want to be one.


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