Keeping Up With The Fosters: Mother of Crowns

April showers bring May flowers  or something like that. Here’s what we are up to in the month of May!


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Ladies and gentlemen, Zavi has made the personal decision to stand when he goes to the potty! We didn’t pressure him, we didn’t even really stress doing so at home. I don’t know – maybe he started to notice some of his friends in his class doing it and he decided he needed to be “a man” as well. Whatever the process was for his decision to do so, we welcome it. We make it a big deal every time he does it to avoid him regressing back to sitting down on the potty. Let me tell you, as a mother who wants to gag every single time Zavier touches the toilet seats in public restrooms, this is a MAJOR event in our family.


The biggest event of this month is Zara’s birthday! She is a whole 5-year-old kid. I can’t believe it. I remember while I was pregnant with her that I would call friends and ask how am I supposed to know how much to feed a baby. My sole purpose was to keep her alive. That’s it. So far so good.

We originally planned a party to commemorate the big five but Zara ended up making a not so great decision at school – we decided to cancel the party. We still celebrated but it was instead super intimate and personal.

During her birthday week, Zara spent the week at home because she wasn’t feeling so great. We made a few trips to the doctor’s office which was a little overwhelming because I am a working mom.

On one of our visits, the doctor tried to distract Zara while taking her blood pressure – so she asked her a question. She asked Zara what she wanted to be when she grows up. I expected her to say that she wanted to be a teacher because that’s what she has said before. Well, as Zara told me a few weeks ago…things change.

Doctor:  What do you want to be when you grow up?

Zara:       A queen. Queen of everything.

She didn’t flutter an eyelash. She said what she said.

Everyone…my 5-year-old.


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May is our busy month. There are literally six birthdays in our family during the first ten days of May. Then there is Mother’s Day and – someone special to us graduating high school at the end of the month! Zara and Zavi’s big sister is not only turning 18 in a few days but she is graduating high school. Well technically there are two graduations. Zara is graduating to kindergarten and her big sis is graduating high school! So May is usually a series of celebrations which wears us out!

black family bloggers houston

How is the month of May going for you? What major events do you have coming up this month?

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