KUWTF: Not Just the Hottest Month of the Year

Before I share what’s ahead for the Fosters, I must share what just happened in our family! Remember this post about Zara’s early signs of spirituality? Well, she just got baptized!

Kids get baptized all of the time which is great but I think it is something special when a 5-year-old insists on being baptized. I mentioned before that I had no intentions of even discussing baptism with her until she was old enough to understand. I had no idea she would be the one approaching me about it.

It was a glorious day. All of heaven rejoiced.

We also celebrated out 7th wedding anniversary this week. We didn’t make this year a big deal because we have three family wedding trips to take over the next three months! What we did was hang out at our favorite neighborhood bar and grab something to eat. Then we went to the mall to find hubby a suit to wear to two of the weddings. I can unequivocally say that I haven’t seen a seersucker suit that I didn’t like.

Hubby HATES to go shopping, so the trips can be miserable, but this time luck was on our side! Not only did we find a suit for him but we also found something for Zavier to wear. I can’t wait to see them both rocking their summer suits! And yes, I’ll share pictures here on the blog.

Then there’s Zavier’s birthday coming up next week – he will be three! We are not having a family party this year because we are doing the 5, 10, 16-year-old birthday party thing. Since we will be out of town the week of his birthday, I think a quick trip to Sky Zone just for him and a few gifts will be the extent of it all. I am going to try to surprise him with a cake with an excavator on it too. The boy sure loves to dig! He is obsessed with machines, so we are going to buy a kid’s lawnmower that makes a sound, a toolkit for kids and possibly a karaoke microphone. Gotta get some music up in this piece too!

That brings me to a question I have for you. What are your family birthday party traditions? Party every year or just the milestone birthdays?

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