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things to do with kids in summer

We have been out of school for four weeks and everyone is still alive and well!  If you’ve been following me on social media then you know that I came across a summer bucket list to complete with the kids to combat boredom. There are over 100 things to do and we have completed a little over 30 so far. #momgoals

Zara literally wakes up every morning and asks what we can do from the bucket list and I will be honest, it has been a great way to fight off laziness – on their end and mine! lol.

As a teacher, I am fortunate to be home with my kids during the summer which saves money and allows us to bond. I decided not to teach summer school this year because I wanted to enjoy the kids as much as possible before Zara starts “big school” later this year.

While enjoying the time off, it occurred to me that there are many parents who have to work year round. So completing a bucket list with over 100 things to do is nothing more than a “cute idea.” So with that in mind, I have curated a “smaller, friendlier” bucket list of 25 things to do that can be done on weekends or paid leave days! This is perfect for the working parent or the parent who has run out of things to do with the kids.

Please feel free to repost and share this bucket list! Tag me (@godsfaveshoe) on social media using the #GFSbucketlist hashtag. I’ve curated activities that are free and/or affordable – and with most of them, all you need is some imagination and a little bit of time!  My kids (mainly Zara) have also added their favorites!


The name of the game is to do as many as you can but not to the point where you overwhelm yourself. If there are days when you simply CAN NOT…then DO NOT. It’s okay. I am finding that the more I actively participate with my kids, the more they enjoy it. That means that your girl…yes me…participated in some “running through the sprinkler” fun. I’m not trying to hear it for the balloon fights though. They can miss me with that one! Let me know how it goes!

Bucket List Templates

Download a copy of the bucket list by clicking here. The folder contains several colors – so you can literally pick one you like!

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  • I have definitrly included a bucket list in my child summer! Can you do a post about why your sons hair is not cut or in locs? His hair is gorgeous but I just want to know does he like his hair like that or is that your choice?