Kindergarten: Zara’s School Supply Haul

It’s almost time! Kindergarten is lurking around the corner and Zara is more than ready. I, on the other hand, am dreading it.

I don’t know why but I feel like I’m sending my baby out into the big bad world. A world where I  can’t shield her from cruelty, nastiness and mean folks. I am probably being dramatic but that’s truly how I feel. My biggest worry is that she won’t be able to sense when someone is being nasty to her (that includes insults/teachers/students). A lot of my worry has to do with the uneasiness of today’s social and political climate and the fact that you just never know who your kid interacts with on a daily basis when they are not at home.

But I’m a praying girl and this feeling too shall pass.

I can’t control how her first year in public school will be but I can prepare her for the year by getting her supplies! Haha. I am absolutely one of those mothers who will make sure she has everything thing that she needs – you don’t have to ask me twice!

After taking a look at the school supply list for her school, I decided to go ahead and get as many things now before it becomes a witch hunt in a few more weeks.  I am an educator by trade but even I was surprised by some of the items on the list. Things like white paper bags, white plates, Ziploc bags. I’m going to go on a limb and say those must be for arts and crafts. One thing that I did notice that was missing from the list? Lined paper. Umm, why aren’t they requesting grade appropriate lined paper/tablets for them to practice handwriting? The English teacher in me needs to know!

Watch Zara do her school supply haul now on IGTV! Click the IGTV icon. 

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Are you already buying school supplies for your kiddos?

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