Keeping Up With The Fosters: Guess Who’s Back

My name is HOV! If you’re not a Jay-Z fan you won’t get that, so never mind.

I’m excited. I am a writer at heart so it feels good to commit to blogging again. I thought it would be only right to greet you and reintroduce myself for those that are new here or new to me! I saw a documentary or interview or something a while back where Oprah was walking into a room and she immediately introduced herself.

Hi. I’m Oprah.

Ma’am! Everyone knows OPRAH!
















But that stuck with me. Always introduce yourself as if no one knows you, it puts everyone in the situation at ease.

So, hi!

I’m Reiko.

I’ve been a blogger since 2008 but I took a blog break and now I’m back. God’s Favorite Shoes started off as a style blog where initially I was obsessing about shoes. I know. So cliché now but that was the thing to do back then! It eventually turned into a space where I would share my thoughts and mini-adventures while showing you my personal style. The blog grew with me.

I earned a Masters degree, planned a wedding, got married and had two children all while documenting semi-regularly on the blog.

But I stopped. Half of the reason was that I was working, then not working. I started a business then closed the business. But the main reason was that I didn’t know how to fit my new life into the confines of a blog about shoes. And get this…turns out I’m not really THAT into shoes!

Now God’s Favorite Shoes is a  lifestyle blog where I share bits of my life as a mommy, wife, teacher and overall creative while still sharing my modest yet eclectic style. And this time, I’m bringing my family along with me!

My husband Sean

There’s my husband, Sean. A Prince lover,  an accountant payables supervisor by day and super daddy by night.

Sean is really my bestie. We bump heads but mostly because he dreams in black and white and I dream in color.  We’ve learned over the years that neither way is wrong, it’s just different. He’s a numbers guy but a word nerd as well. Sean is the social butterfly between us. He has never met a stranger. I side eye him regularly when we go to the store because he can so easily get roped into a random conversation with a stranger and usually needs me to save him! He is also the guy who is proud that he can still fit the same work clothes that he bought ten years ago.

We’ve learned over the years that neither way is wrong, it’s just different.

He was the guy who wore the same shirt with the same pants every single time. He bought outfits. Now that I’m in his life, he knows better! He really is my favorite person in the whole world.

My firstborn Zara

There’s Zara, my firstborn. A light. Pure and simple. Almost 5 years old and has more charisma in her pinky than I have in my whole body. She is such a thoughtful person. She asks the meaning of songs all of the time. For some reason, it’s important for her to know what she is singing about. That limits what songs I play because I’m not really trying to explain Cardi B’s lyrics to her!  It sounds a little bizarre but she is deeply spiritual. She loves to hear bible stories (except the story of Jesus’ Resurrection…that was a train wreck that will get its own post) and she always wants to know what happens next when things happen. Zara is a hybrid of her daddy’s personality but she looks the most like me. She is already her own person. One of the things I prayed for as a mother was to raise a strong and confident girl. God heard my prayers.

My baby Zavier (Zavi)

Lastly, my baby Zavier. 2. 5 years old. Big hair. A determined little sucker. The newest member of the #glassesgang and the holder of one of the deepest and most beautiful dimples…if you’re ever lucky enough to see it. Most people say he looks like his dad but I will be the first to admit he is ALL me personality wise. He has a way of getting anything he wants from me, I’m still trying to figure out his secret to that. He is the polar opposite of Zara. Where she craves interaction with any and everybody, Zavi would much prefer for you just to leave him be and when he wants to come around…he will. He’s little but he is already mighty.

It’s not easy exposing your family on these internet streets because people can be mean and judgmental but so far… so good. But don’t get it twisted, you will get these “hands” if you come for them.

Real Talk

I have to be honest. One of the reasons I decided to bring the blog back is because I don’t see many African- American families being celebrated in the digital space. That’s the void I am trying to fill.  Hopefully, you will see value in what I share in this space and if it inspires you or encourages you in any way, then your girl is happy!

Remember, having a blog doesn’t mean I have it all figured it out. It just means I’m willing to share as I stumble along. Cool? Cool.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I’d love for the two of us to get reacquainted. How did we meet? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Okay so I’ve been a lurker of yours for years!!! Always loved your style sis!!! I am so excited you’re back to blogging bc you are absolutely right we need to see positive real images of AA families!!! Your daughter (a jewel) reminds me of my youngest and Zavi is too cool!!! Look forward to reading more and welcome back to the blogosphere!!!

    • Hey neighbor! Thank you so much! I appreciate the love! I’m convinced we are going to bump into each other eventually. I’m usually at HEB or Target! LOL

  • Welcome back!!!!

    I feel like so many bailed on blogging, myself included. I miss writing and interacting with others. Who doesn’t love connecting with others (uhhh, at a distance, thanks) and getting comments?!

    Anyway! I look forward to reading more about you and your fabulous family!

    • I kinda screamed when I saw your name in the comments! You know how I adore you! I missed writing too and cyber-interacting too. (I just made cyber-interacting up). Thank you so much sticking around! See you on Instagram!

  • I am a long time follower of the original GFS and so glad to see you back blogging! You are definitely a friend in my head! Beautiful family!

  • I’m cracking up because I wonder if she was as obsessed with Jesus dying on the cross as Zoe was. My kids are sooooo enamoured with dying and bleeding! Lmbo. Girl! You know I get the whols blogging thing. I am glad to read you again. 😁

    • LOL! Zara will kinda mention bleeding and dying every so often but I usually redirect the conversation lol! I’m not ready to talk about blood and stuff! She is however very into Jesus though. Sean and I just talked about how she is showing signs up being a prophetess or deaconess or something! LOL

  • I found your blog a few years ago though Juanette (Fashion nette-work) someone I met through a friend. I then followed you on social media and you have been my friend in my head ever since. When you disappeared from the blogging world, I was sad but happy to see your posts on Instagram, I have always been a fan, and you have the most beautiful family. The fact that your kids love oldies and know the words seriously brings me joy. Your style gives me life and even inspired to me start shopping at Zara ( a store I discovered because of you). I always look forward to your Insta-stories and I am happy you have started your blog again. May God continue to bless you and your amazing family!

    • Thank you so much Chanelle! I really appreciate it! I was laugh that if there is a scandal with the store Zara, they gon’ have to show me some evidence because I ain’t boycotting that store! Ever!

  • Hey Reiko ! I’ve been for I don’t know how long . You know how I love your ways and as a mommy , it’s always great to see another mommy that looks like you . Excited to see some everyday dopeness . You do what is authentic to you and that’s what I love . Welcome back !

  • My dawg!! I am so incredibly proud of you and your new journey. You know me… I love everything you do so wherever you lead, you know I’ll follow!
    But to answer your question, I met you through Sean when y’all were first dating. I believe we met at a poetry reading. I can remember clicking with you off top and constantly telling Sean that you were the one for him. Over the years our friendship has grown and I am thankful for that. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you and Sean are my favorite couple and you can always count on The Crockstars being some of your biggest supporters!

  • Welcome back, I found your blog years ago when I was looking for tips on thrifting. I remember being excited about you being in Houston because that meant I could shop at some of the same shops that you do. Do you still thrift?

    • Hey Deela,

      Thank you so much! I actually haven’t been thrifting in so long! I remember going to Salvation Army a few years ago and getting sticker shock. Their prices were so high! Thrifting became “popular” so the prices went up and I tapped out lol! Glad you’re back!

  • Girrrllllll….where did we meet????
    It was so long ago but blogger friends we were instantly. I still remember our gym time, the wedding…pre Zara and Zavi. I’ve always thought you were ahmazing….I’m so happy you have this space to share. Welcome Back Reiko!

    • Thank you Ro! I was just thinking about how we try to drop it low in Zumba class! Thank you! I haven’t you seen you in real life in so long!

  • I turned to your blog a lot when I was planning my wedding in June 2013. I thought your wedding was so chilled and fun…and so you! And I relied a lot on your advice on wedding planning. That’s how I found you.

    When you stopped blogging, I found you on the ‘gram and through you I learnt about the Just Like Me box. I’m all the way in East Africa but Tamara (Just Like Me box) and I are talking about something we can do together. So thank you!

    It’s so good to see you, Sean and your babies doing well.

    Sending you love from Uganda

    • Nyana! Your message touched me! You just never know how you touch people! I’m so glad that you’ve been riding with me all of this time! Thank you again for sharing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Just Like Me Box and I can’t wait to see what you and Tamara come up with. She is brilliant! I am never deleting this comment! Hugs from Texas!

  • …and this is why you are my favorite blogger! I felt like you were talking about my marriage when you wrote “he dreams in black and white and you dream in color”… this is so us. Thank you for allowing us a view into your world for so many of us can relate and feel connected. It gets lonely out here for us Moms.
    Hi…I’m Lynn (aka – 2kels1lo -Instagram)

    • Hey Lynn! You have always been so supportive! It took me a while to embrace the beauty in our differences in terms of our outlook in life. I need his practicality and he needs my whimsy! LOL!