Keeping Up With The Fosters: Good Things Happen In April!

It’s April already! If you’re into resolutions, I suppose this would be a good time to check your list to see how productive you  have been thus far. Remember at the top of every month, I will update you on what’s been up with us for the last few weeks and/or what’s ahead.


First, Hubby turned 39 on Easter! What’s even more interesting is that for our church’s Easter play, he was asked to play Jesus! And let me tell you, he milked his newfound inner thespian for all its worth. He literally had about a combined total of 12 minutes of performance yet he was walking around the next day asking me if I wanted him to turn my water into wine!

Sir! You’re out of line!

But, oh how we love him!


Zavi and Zara

We made it through the Easter weekend. There was a lot of build up. Zara was hype about Easter egg hunting but she was still trying to process the idea of The Resurrection. (Click here to read that story)

She insisted on seeing her daddy perform his debut role as Jesus in the church play on Good Friday. I tried to encourage her to take a potty break during his part, (you know the whole dying on the cross thing and being beat to death isn’t really a pretty scene) but she insisted on staying. So I did a lot of distracting. Telling her to do a thumbs up when she saw daddy kind of took her mind off the content of the scene. It worked. She wasn’t traumatized at all. She just wanted to make sure that daddy wasn’t really hurt.




I’ve been holding on to this little nugget for a minute. Many of you have seen me post on Instagram over the last year or so about my love for the Just Like Me Box subscription service. When I found out there was a subscription service that sends books featuring characters of color, it was a no brainer to set up an ac. Well, for the next few months, I will be the official Brand Ambassador for Just Like Me Box!


That simply means that I will share why I love this service so much over the next few months  and highlight some of Zavi and Zara’s favorite books.  It’s a great service and worth looking into especially if you’re a teacher! You can always subscribe as an individual and share the books with your classes. It’s a great way to build a class library.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram because there will be a really awesome giveaway in a few days but it will be Instagram exclusive.

Do yo have something big going on in April?


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