July – My Favorite Things

I’ve been trying to detox from watching the news lately because every day I scratch my head and wonder how we got here politically. It’s been healthier for me to not be consumed with all things “crazy” and allow myself to be distracted. Instead, I’ve indulged a little in things that bring me happiness and joy.

July Favorites

  1. Handmaid’s Tale on HULU – I don’t even know how to describe the show. I question why I allow myself to watch it because I promise you, I stop breathing at some point during each episode. If you don’t watch it, in general, it’s about a society where women have been forced into submission by the government. Doesn’t sound too far-fetched, to be honest?! I get so mad and have been known to let a single thug tear form in the corner of my eye once the credits roll.
  2. Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s newest musical collaboration – it’s perfection.
  3. My co-worker at my school (former art teacher) recently opened his very own photography studio – I’m so excited that he was able to move on from his career in education to pursue his own business. As a blogger, I’m always looking for a space to shoot content. Mr Kelley runs North Houston Studio  with his wife.  I went to their grand opening a few weeks ago and the space is beautiful. I will absolutely be using the studio in the future.
  4. I am toying with the idea of painting one of the walls in Zara’s room. I want to use a chalkboard paint color. I think it will be dope to have an entire wall where she can do homework/practice work as she enters her kindergarten year. I may do a wall in Zavi’s room too. ( Here are some inspiration pics )
  5. Organizing the pantry is giving me life lately. I went to Target last week and they had some containers on clearance that vow to keep your food fresher for longer. This interested me because I want to keep our pantry bag/box free. I didn’t buy the set but I did pick up the containers individually.  They don’t seem to be on clearance online but it’s worth it to go into your local Target and see what they have.

And then weirdly,  for the last few weeks, I’ve seen a pair of dragonflies whenever I go into my yard. They get so close that Zara reported that one is green and the other is blue. I’ve never been into signs. Ever. I’ve had friends who have what they call “god signs” but I never put much stock into it. After seeing what I am convinced are the same dragonflies again a few days ago, I decided to research their symbolism.

dragonflies symbol

Dragonflies symbolize change or transformation. They challenge your old habits and concepts that you have been boxed in and indicate that change is on the horizon.

That is especially true for me this week! Every single word of it is true. Dragonflies are a sign for you to bring joy and lightness in your life intentionally. I have been working on that all summer long. To enjoy life. To smile. To laugh. To not take things so seriously.

So just like that, I have a thing for dragonflies.

Do you believe in signs?



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