How To Survive the Summer With Kids

Summer is officially here! Summers used to be a time of late nights and later mornings…especially if you’re a kid. In today’s competitive society, fun summers have become more of an opportunity to “get ahead.” Summer school, enrichment programs, tutorials for the next year…basically more school.

With that in mind, the hubby and I made the decision to do the exact opposite for Zavi and Zara. There will be plenty of summers where they will have to work to get ahead so we decided to officially pull them out of school for the summer months so they can enjoy a true summer.

I was a little worried that having them at home and losing their academic and social routines would do more harm than good but Zara said something that struck a nerve.

“When is the last day of school?

It never occurred to me that maybe she needed a break. So with that little nudge, we made the decision for them to stay at home with me during my summer off.

So, how do I make this summer fun for them, relaxing for me while still allowing teachable moments to happen?

Here’s the tentative plan for Summer ’18 with Zavi and Zara…

  1. Allow the kids to sleep in a little later than usual. This benefits everyone involved.
  2. Incorporate a reading hour everyday…parents included. No phones. No IPADS. No television. Just books, magazines, coloring or writing. The key is to do it in bed or on the floor. Make a fort even. But one hour a day. With my kids, chances are I will have to break that hour down into two sessions of thirty minutes but the key is everyone must participate.  (We plan on reading books from our monthly subscription to Just Like Me! Book Box. )
  3. Find something free to go to every week…not everyday. Most neighborhoods have splashpads or swimming pools. Make use of it. Local libraries usually have summer activities like story telling or a reading program. Take advantage of it all!
  4. Schedule a play date. Call a classmate or a cousin or a friend with kids and set something up. Kids need social interaction and moms and dads need breaks.
  5. Get Grandma/Auntie/Big Cousin to come over at least once a week to give you a break. Self care still must exist even in the summer with the kids. Even if it is just for a few hours to run errands or to roam around Target. (You know how I feel about Target)

Of course do not expect these to be the rule. The goal is for you and the kids to both enjoy the summer. My plan is to be flexible, get as many hugs as possible because those days are numbered and to find joy in these short days. Whatever form that joy takes, welcome it because these little ones are growing up and away from us everyday!

Happy Summer 18′!

How do you handle the kids at home for the summer?


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