Cough… Hey Girl!

If l’ve had the pleasure of your company for a while now, you would know that this blog dried up a couple of months ago. I thought l would tell you why l took a blogging break!

The truth is I didn’t know how to navigate the space anymore. I felt like having kids and writing about it would completely be the nail in the coffin for my style readers. So I tried to create spaces where the two (being a mom and being style blogger) were exclusive. So, I lost my way.

Honestly, I was running away from being a mommy blogger who was sharing “tmi” about potty training. But that’s who I am – not the “tmi” part, lol. Along with still being a teacher, trying my hand at a new business and still caring about cultivating my style…the lines got crossed a bit.

Then I asked myself why  do they have to be separate?

God’s Favorite Shoes means more than just a cute shoe.

Now that the blog is back in full effect, l would love to know what you’d like to read about… Leave me a comment below!

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