Can a five year old be spiritual?

No one can tell a mother about her own child – that’s a fact. We know our kids inside and out and we are rarely surprised when it comes to their character. So believe me when I say that I know that Zara is going to be a soldier for Jesus. It sounds dramatic. I know it does but this girl loves Jesus without waver.

can a five year old be spiritual

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I noticed it when she was in pre-kindergarten. She attended a Christian academy for two years, so it wasn’t strange to me that she sang songs that sounded like old spirituals when she got home in the afternoons. I assumed that she picked it up there – nothing out of the ordinary, right?

Then one day, I asked a teacher for the name of a song Zara sang that week, and the teacher shared that she never taught Zara those kinds of songs, not to mention the one I had in mind.  Turns out that Zara would turn the bible stories of the week into songs of her own, on her own.

As time went on, we knew that her interest in the bible was not that of a typical 3 or 4-year-old. (Remember this post about The Resurrection? )

As I have shared before, we are a Christian family and our goal is to build a foundation of faith in our children only for them to openly decide for themselves what they choose to believe later on in life. I say this to mention that we never drill the bible into our kids at home. Hell, as parents we still enjoy a good cuss word and a little cocktail here and there.

So, when Zara walked out of children’s church announcing boldly that she wanted to be baptized, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to us. But it did – kinda.

Only because we’ve never used that word with her – there’ve definitely not been any discussions about it. When I asked her what it means to get baptized, she promptly replied, “That’s when they dip you under water and you come up a new person.”

No further explanation needed for me. Some may say that she is too young to make that decision or that she doesn’t know what she is talking about. But remember at the beginning of this, I said that mothers know their children.

She will be baptized in just a few weeks.

Does your child have spiritual attributes? Do they encourage your faith?

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