A KinderMom’s School Prayer

Dear God,

I am unleashing my baby into the world now. As much I love controlling her environments and being available to fight her battles and shush her cries, I know that this is the first step to her becoming someone great.

So instead of giving in to the fears and anxieties of leaving my firstborn child in the hands of strangers, I know that You will protect her.

May she make new friends and learn lessons of joy for as long as she can. May her light continue to shine so brightly that it will drown out any evidence of darkness that may attempt to come her way.

May her teachers encourage her, console her, teach her and lift her as much as I do. May her friends be pure in spirit and match her zest for life.

May no harm come to her or anyone that she knows. Continue to stretch your arms of protection around her as she navigates the halls and hearts of the unknown.

Thank you in advance for covering her. And thank you in advance for giving me patience as I join the PTO for the first time as a parent. Help me to smile when they ask me to be a chaperone during 5k races or book-a-thons!

Also, thank you in advance for keeping inquiring little kindergarten hands out of her beautiful fluffy hair.



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