Kids Natural Hair – Hair Routine & Products Used

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Maintaining your kid’s natural hair is as trial and error as it is caring for your own. Finding the right products and routines so that Zavi and Zara have gorgeous and healthy hair is an ongoing process in our household.

Zavi and Zara were born with heads full of hair. They never experienced balding in the back of their heads as babies and for the most part they have had positive hair experiences. Although their hair looks similar, they have slight differences in texture which means that they have different product requirements!

For Zavier

When we were pregnant with Zavier, we always discussed that he would get his first haircut at the age of one.  That was before we noticed how beautifully his hair was growing. As his hair grew bigger and grander, we decided that we would not stick to our original idea. Right now, we don’t have any plans to cut it.

My guess is that we might cut it when he is in first grade – but right now there is no official timetable. If or when he experiences breakage or damage, we will consider an appointment with the barber right away! But for now we are simply enjoying the beauty of it – and he is too!

There is no political statement associated with his hair but I can’t lie, I love seeing his hair tower above those of his counterparts. It’s a statement without making a statement. It fits him. I’m sure when he gets a cut, that will fit him too.

Compared to Zara, Zavi has a looser curl pattern in the top/front and the back is more of a drier/tighter curl pattern. Detangling while wet is KEY for Zavier’s hair.

Hair Routine

  1. Shampoo hair with  SheaMoisture Body Wash/Shampoo – we’ve used this since he was a baby because it does not burn his eyes.
  2. Use a leave-in conditioner  –  most times by Carol’s Daughter.
  3. Detangle using Carol’s Daughter Refresher Spray and Combing Creme. The Combing Creme really is magic.

I take my time to detangle in sections which doesn’t please him too much! I don’t know how to braid, so once detangled his hair goes into a ponytail for one or two days.  On the third or fourth day, I take down the ponytail at night so that his fro is stretched and chunky in the morning. I use a pick and a little  Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie to soften it. The fro usually lasts for about three or four days then we start the process all over again.

Zavi’s go-to styles would be the ponytail and fro mentioned above unless an aunty gets hold of him! Bless their hearts.

For Zara

You will never see a whole bunch of pigtails on Zara’s head. That’s mainly because I remember how much I hated them as a kid. I hated wearing barrettes and a zillion bows on my head. Since she’d have my DNA, I vowed that I would not put my daughter through that! LOL! True to form, she doesn’t care for lots of hair accessories.

A good mohawk style or some version of a twisted puff or updo are my go-to styles for her. We do enjoy a good headwrap every now and then. What can I say – like mother, like daughter! Ha.

Hair Routine

  1. Shampoo with Creme of Nature Shampoo – this is mild on Zara’s hair and doesn’t strip her hair of moisture.
  2. Condition with Carol’s Daughter Leave-In Conditioner
  3. Detangle with Hair Milk 4 in 1 Combing Creme
  4. Style with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie – sometimes I mix this with a little Eco Styler to get the perfect hold when we’re doing twist outs.

Night time is the best time for Zara’s hairstyling process because mornings move too fast.  She likes her hair in two low ponytails but lets me apply some creativity to match her style! I let her wear her hair big and fluffy a few days a week so that she feels empowered with her natural hair.

She’s about to start kindergarten in a few weeks and she will more than likely be the “minority” in her class so it’s important that she sees beauty in her natural hair now so that it’s less of an issue later.

Which products do you use for your child’s natural hair?



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  • Their hair is always so gorgeous. I can’t braid either which is why I keep my hair short.
    I wouldn’t ever cutzed his hair unles…he asked for it. People crack me up always trying to parent other people’s kids.

    • I’m going to really make it my business to learn how to braid. Girl, I am so used to people asking me that question, I always stare at their hair when I reply.